About Us

NovStreams; is a worldwide IPTV subscription service provider with fast activation and no setup fees, covering all your day-to-day devices. Our team supplies solid IPTV services to various countries. And our network engineers deliver high-quality digital media streaming to our loyal customers. Our strong support team and technical expertise have allowed us to be the best IPTV service provider available worldwide.

Why choosing IPTV service over satellite TV is a wise decision?

You must pay for the IPTV service or satellite TV that you use. The smartest thing you can do is choose the one that works best for you. IPTV service is more convenient than satellite TV in all respects, so choosing satellite TV service is the wisest decision.You can enjoy a huge number of TV channels, sports, or movies through the IPTV subscription service. Also, you don’t have to face any problems related to video buffering or instability. Since these services are available in different packages, there is also an opportunity to select the package of your choice. For all these reasons, IPTV service is far ahead of satellite TV.

What kind of IPTV subscription services do we provide?

NovStreams is a great IPTV service provider. You can access our service only through an internet connection. We have come up with some great services. Here we have introduced more new technology so that you can have an exceptional streaming experience with thousands of live channels that are available on the Internet in a compatible device or application. You will also get to watch countless movies and any live events or sports shows.

What should I do if my account does not work well?

Please check your network connection first, reboot your router and device and then try again. Second, if your network connection is stable, please check that your account is being used on another device. You can view from more than 1 device at once.

Would it be a wise decision to take IPTV service instead of satellite service?

Undoubtedly, accepting IPTV service would be the most ideal decision. You can enjoy a variety of benefits with IPTV service compared to satellite TV. IPTV provides international programming via the Internet on your TV, so no satellite dish is required. You only need to use good quality internet connection to receive IPTV service.

Why choose our IPTV service?

You can watch all sports, news, TV shows, movies, and adult channels without any hassle of extra money. With us, you will find countless movies, shows, and TV series (VOD). Stream shows and videos with 99% uptime, zero interruptions, and zero buffering.[We are recognized as the best IPTV subscription service provider as recommended by leading tech blogs!